My movie story (3)

Movie Latte Story and Professor Macau Kim

I write it with the two episodes.

[9] Movies I saw several times in the United States

Before studying with a secondary school, I introduced the memorable films from the films I saw in the United States.

Perhaps it was a time when my film power (?) At this time was Manlap.

[10] [11] A movie that bits the tail on the tail

The story of a movie that reminds me of the tail. Starting with Michael Cliton’s Jurassic Park, I introduce the film with my tail.

[12] Last movie story

Introducing several films around the most fun movies. I still watch movies sometimes. Not only the contents of the film, but even the lines are sometimes remembered. For reference, I like movies with reversal.

[13] After that …

Starting in the late 2000s of the fact, my film power walks down. Although personal interest has fallen, the films since the 2000s are often not matched with my taste because they often play with brilliant action and CG rather than story or development.

Lastly, I introduce a movie that is the most 더존카지노 involved in my life, and I want to finish this latte story. If you are curious about what kind of movie it was, please refer to the video below.


This incident occurred in April 1980 in Jeongseon Sabuk -eup, Gangwon -do. At the time, Sabuk -eup was located in Korea, which was called the largest private coal mine in Korea. Workers who have not endured this have begun to demand improvement, but Dongwon Hangja establishes a union and turns away from them.

Dissatisfied workers struggled, and the protests spread to blood. As workers reached the level of the sabuk area, the authorities reluctantly agreed. However, when the situation calmed down, the authorities also showed an attitude of ignoring the agreement by activating public power.

Meanwhile, as the times change, mining gradually walks on decline. The transition to oil was too fast to win the right to win the struggle. In particular, the neighborhood, which was eaten by coal, was severely impossible to recover. It was difficult to find a replacement industry. As a result, the card that was taken out as a rule was gambling, which is the opportunity for the only national 파워볼실시간 casino, Gangwon Land. It was originally scheduled to be operated for a limited time for 10 years, but it was decided to be extended and operated by 2045.