“Let’s do it before the cold tea. ]

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I was consulted to study in front of the cold tea.

Before the cold tea, there are air conditioners etc.

In the days when it was not very popular

Each teacher is a summer lesson

I think it’s just before the devised point.

I don’t think it’s in the subject of Urasenke,

When I was invited to a tea ceremony of other style before

I have taught me.

Even before the cold tea spots of such circumstances

I wanted to learn, so I prepared tools.

I decided to use a tall Baccarat vase.

Put ice in the water finger, so

A bedboard is 더존카지노 required so that the tatami does not get wet.

After the training of the tea box on Wednesday

Let’s have a study group.

I would be happy if you had a delicious tea.

At a calligraphy exhibition on the 1st, while watching the book, H -chan, a sister living in Osaka, called me.

Would you like to eat sushi on the 4th?

Listening to the story, there is a sushi restaurant that just opened in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, and it was booked by 4 people.

He said that he put me in the four.

She was a little worried, but her husband agreed

(Because her father is back from the short stay, I have to ask for dinner)

However, it started at 18:00, so I went out lightly and went out.

I always exchange with her email, so she doesn’t feel so long the period she couldn’t meet.

But it was the first time in two years.

She sent me information on the shop, so she read her mood.

If you 바카라게임사이트 eat it in Tokyo, it will be about 30 % more.

Caviar at the start. Golden lotus!

It’s so delicious!

A large variety of sea urchins

Baccarat dish.

The abalone is boiled for 2 days, so it’s soft.

Kuromatsu pottery

Wakame and sea grapes are with gully, and when they are gone

It is replenished someday.

I’m already full before the grip.

Other sashimi came out.


How much is the chawanmushi …

There was a firefly squid!

Botan shrimp is also crisp.

If the sardines are delicious, it’s odd.


Toro, middle toro, and red shellfish were really wonderful.

Drinking beer, sake and white wine, and my memory is ambiguous.

I’m sorry if you make a mistake.

Completed miso soup and dessert.