“How to spend Obon & Korean husband’s holiday”

The tray is over, and the children’s lessons have finally resumed from Thursday.

For me who is returning home for a while, Obon is a lesson, and there are many people and I don’t need a tray. 。 。

By the way, I am doing gymnastics with Kumon

It’s a pity that I can’t continue because both are really good

Obon was in the basic house

I went out only the day

When I stayed at home, I went to the supermarket every day because I was stressed

The upper child is on TV

Make fresh cream on pancakes and put on strawberries ~


I want to do it, but it’s fresh cream …

There was something like this when I thought

You can use it from the box and use it immediately

This is really good

If you have this, the hurdle will also go down.

I wonder if there is such a thing in Korea

Children’s first cream squeezed

There was no strawberry so it was kiwi

I did it for three consecutive days

I don’t have to think of lunch menu

It was good

The pool on the veranda

I was pooled on the veranda in Korea,

Adults can be seen from inside, and if they play only with children, adults can consume physical strength while preserving their physical 크레이지슬롯 strength, isn’t it?

It’s long until I get used to it

The pool I bought was really good

This seems to be bought at Amazon

You don’t have to inflate the air

It’s compact enough to enter this ↑ box

I thought it was a reasonable and very good thing

It was like this

By the way, my husband returned to Korea first seems to have gone to a casino yesterday.

It seems that I bought about 35,000 yen

I was angry if I lost ←


I ate tonkatsu


Is it a chain store?

Korean tonkatsu is thin, but this is a Japanese tonkatsu, so it’s thick.

But it’s different from the photo on the menu …

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