“46.3 million yen man”

The story of a man who is making a noise now, has melted 46.3 million yen in the wrong transfer with an online casino.

If you look at the history of the transfer, isn’t there a lot of discomfort?

463 I did not transfer to him by mistake

After being transferred correctly to 463 households

For some reason, the fact that a separate 4630 yen was transferred to him

In addition

Pinpoint transfer to “deceased with unusual attachment to money” from elementary school documents

Is there something like this?

Thinking normally, wasn’t it a town staff and a guru? I think

Well, if they have a point of contact, they should have already been reported.

In a sense, the “miracle of the devil” would have happened.

It seems that he wants to return it little by little

Can you return it?

It may be possible if you become a YouTuber as “a man of 46.3 크레이지슬롯 million yen” (^^;


What I got most caught in this report

Floppy disk www

I’m still using it w

Doctor Nakamatsu is delighted

Let’s stop, floppy or fax

Transfer request form

It’s an incident that symbolizes Japan

Hong Kong Market Overview on the 4th: Hansen 0.1 % cheaper for 3 days, the tech index is 0.3 % retrograde.

The Hong Kong Market on the 4th of the consecutive holidays is 21830.35 points, which is 29.44 points (0.13 %) from the previous business day (0.13 %), which consists of a Hansen index composed of major 69 stocks, and the mainland stock index (former H stock index (formerly H stock index (formerly H stock index)). ) Is 19.18 points (0.25 %), which cheaply 7647.70 points, and fell for three days. The trading value has been reduced to $ 13144,4455 million ($ 151,4697 million on June 30).

A flow in which China’s new colon virus re -enlargement is wary. In Anhui Province 모바일바카라 in eastern China, where the spread of infection is remarkable, blocking measures have been introduced in multiple areas by July 1. The number of new infections throughout China stopped last weekend. The economic anxiety in the Hong Kong area is smoldering. The Hong Kong Government Statistical Office reported on June 30 that the retail sales in May decreased 1.7 % year -on -year to $ 29.1 billion (about 500 billion yen). Contrary to the market forecast (up 8.4 %), it has fallen to negative growth for the first time in two months. However, the lower price is limited. Improving the publicity of the Chinese manufacturing industry and the expectation of economic measures have supported the market. (Ashuro Research Editorial Department)

Among the brands of the Hansen Index, the optical parts manufacturer Shunu Hikari Technology (2382/HK) is 6.6 %, and the real estate management service HD (6098/HK) is 4.4 %, and Hong Kong Real Estate’s Kowloon Kura Land Industry Investment Investment. (1997/HK) was 4.0 % cheaper and the drop was noticeable.

By sector, leisure -related, such as casinos and airlines, is cheap. 4.8 % for Hirosa Macau (880/HK), 4.0 % for the new moat International Development (200/HK), 4.1 % for International Airlines (753/HK), and 3.1 % for South China (1055/HK). did. Regarding casinos related, business performance deterioration and corona regulations are also anxious. The Macau government reported on the 1st that the casino sales in the region in June of this year fell 62.1 % year -on -year. In addition, as a Corona epidemic measure, Macau authorities called for a casino in the region to implement employee restrictions. According to this measure, some large casinos may significantly reduce the number of operating tables to about 10.

Food and drinks such as restaurant chains and sake brewing are also sold. Kai Ryuko International HD (9869/HK) is 6.6 %, Kuge 9 International HD (9922/HK) is 4.8 %, Huanjun Beer HD (291/HK) is 3.5 %, and Qingdao Beer (168/HK) is reduced. 2.8 % cheaper.

There is no Chinese car sector. Choju Trains (2333/HK) lowered 5.9 %, Saedo Motor (9868/HK) lowered 3.9 %, and Kari -train HD (175/HK) lowered by 3.7 %.

On the other hand, the corner of the “New Economy” related brand is firm. The Hansen Technology (Tech) index increased by 0.3 %. Individually, the Video Distribution Platform is 6.6 % higher for the Chinese major (9626/HK), and the online medical care Keito Health (6618/HK) is 4.1 % higher, and the Kyohon group (9618/HK), a major Chinese company (e -commerce). ) And the food and drink portal site Mitan (3690/HK) has been raised by 3.6 % to 3.6 %.

Pharmaceutical sector is also high. 10.4 % for Baekje Jingu (6160/HK), 9.5 % for Shanghai Reissan Pharmaceutical Pharmaceuticals (2196/HK), 8.0 % for pharmaceutical biological technology (2269/HK), and 6.0 % for Chinese biological pharmaceuticals (1177/HK). Rose.

Building materials and construction machinery sector are also available. Chinese building materials (3323/HK) are 4.3 % higher, Anhui seawater mud (914/HK) is 2.9 % higher, Huan Junmizu Mud HD (1313/HK) is 2.5 %, and medium -sync heavy department (1157/HK) is 3.6 %. High, China Ryuko HD (3339/HK) finished trading at 1.1 % higher.

On the other hand, the mainland market is rebound. The main indicator of the Shanghai General Index ended the transaction at 3405.43 points, up 0.53 % from the previous business. Pharmaceutical stocks are high. Public interest stocks, energy stocks, material stocks, military -related shares, etc. were also bought. On the other hand, high -tech stocks are cheap. Real estate stocks, banks and insurance stocks, automobile stocks, and air transportation stocks were also sold.

Anju Research Co., Ltd.