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The starring was the famous Mats Mikkelsen, and I looked at this “Another Round” without hesitation. However, if you think about it, you can’t remember what the original work was in the first place that I thought of this Mats Mikkelsen as a “famous actor.” So I was looking for a rough appearance on the wiki, and I was looking for this, and the title I encountered this article was “Six works that can enjoy the appeal of Scandinavian treasure, Mats Mikelsen.” The person who wrote the site “VOGUE” is “Yuki Tominaga”. At this time, it is a very timely article, and this is much more awkward than looking at “all works” without hesitation in a memorable place, “I enjoy the charm of Mats Mikelsen anyway. Because it is a 6th work that can be done, I saw the six works as the “perfect” article, which was already completed. ★ “Hannibal” (2013-2015) Hannibal Mads Mikkkelsen. 2012)THE HUNT Mads Mikkelsen★『シャネル&ストラヴィンスキー』(2009)COCO CHANEL IGOR STRAVINSKY Mads Mikkelsen as Igor Stravinsky★『アフターウェディング』(2006)AFTER THE WEDDING Sidse Babett Knudsen Mads Mikkelsenなるほど、なるほど。 If you look at it in this way, there is still a work that only comes to mind, but in the corner of your feelings, the question remains. Speaking of Mats Mikkelsen, I feel like I saw a more terrible and fierce Beruiman work, and I felt like I was saying, “I wonder if it was that.” In myself, the position of “famous actor” has already been established, so let’s say it is OK. By the way, this “Another Round” was impressed after watching, but on the other hand, I couldn’t wipe out the feeling of “What is this?” Surely, a friend who intends to do “drunkenness experiments” was swallowed by alcohol (probably because of the weakness of the will), and went on a bankruptcy (drunk), loses a social place and committed suicide. I think it was because there was an intense episode that would be broken. Well, there may be some exceptions, but after all, alcohol is said to be a good tool for facilitating human relationships for people who are not good at communicating. 。 Then, the message of this movie, “What a friend who lost his place of society and committed suicide (anyway, a weak person, has to cut it off) is quite harsh. I thought. The last of the movie ends with the dance of Mats Mikkelsen, who is pleased to be able to graduate safely and the teachers’ responsibilities and dancing. I see, i see. Mats -kun, Kimine, and if you are floating in such a movie forever, the tricks will soon become rough. Think carefully. (2020 Denmark) Director Tomus Vinter Bear, Produced Caese Grium Jorgensen, Casper Dicin, Screenplay Thomas Vinter Bear, Tobias Linholm, Photographed Sturla Brandt Grobren, Art Savine Biz, Costume Ellen Ren Manon Rathmsen, edited Anne Austellation, Janus Bireskov Yangsen, original title: DRUK appeared Muts Mikkelsen (Martin), Thomas Bo Larsen (Tommy), Magnus Milan (Nikolai), Lars Lanese (Peter), Maria Bonnbee (Anika) ), Heline Rheingo Neumann, Sushi Wald 《Reference》 ★ “Hannibal” (2013-2015) Hannibal Mads Mikkkelsen. I got the evaluation. The TV series “Hannibal” (2013-2015) has spread his popularity more globally. He plays the young days of the legendary murderer Hannibal Lector, known for “Silence of the Sheep” (1991) and “Hannibal” (2001), and the face on the table is a lawyan psychiatrist, behind the scenes and pleasure in cooking. Boldly express the charm of evil flower with the face of an unusual gourmet who finds. The exquisite combination of madness and elegance when a gentleman who wears a good suit beautifully and enjoys a wealthy conversation on his prey is exquisite. He commits a murder and takes a part of the victim’s body back and processes “ingredients.” He has a kitchen knife with a natural expression and cooks neatly, and is one of the highlights of the series, and Mats himself is actually cooking without dubbing. When he was a child, he did gymnastics, and then turned to a ballet dancer and was exercising. On the other hand, in the fighting scene, instead of performing superhuman skills, it is a practical action that uses the tools in the kitchen and the surroundings to defeat the opponent, and on the contrary, impress his physical ability. There is. In July of the Corona evil, a remote reunion project with casts and production teams on YouTube will be distributed. Muts, who participated in a single daisy flower on his hair, said that the series had launched a new Hannibal statue, “We wanted to make our monsters. Or an angel, I (Hannibal. ) I call it so. ” ★ Doctor Strange (2016) Doctor Strange Mads MikkelSen as Kaecilius Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Doctor Strange (2016), Benedict Cumber Batch’s protagonist Doctor Strange, Villan. I played Caesirius. A genius surgeon is injured in an accident and a mysterious training and a superhero who uses magic to a doctor strange, and Caesirius is a magician who tries to derive the world to ruin the world. is. The biggest reason I decided to appear was the Marvel work that I was familiar with in his boyhood. And Scott Delixon told me, “There are kung fu and flying stunts.” He is also an enthusiastic fan of Bruce Lee, and said, “I will do it!” It is quite a trial for the age of 50 to keep playing a two or three hours of makeup every day and keeps playing an action scene that takes nearly 12 hours depending on the day. That was, “he said at the time. At the planning stage, Muts, who was also a candidate for Doctor Strange, said about Marvel’s character, “The hero and villain are not perfect, but they are interesting and sympathetic because there are some drawbacks.” In addition to this work, he develops the role of performing, saying, “I don’t need to like it, but it’s important to understand.” “He wants to make the world a better place. It’s a world with no suffering, an eternal life. His thoughts are also reasonable. It’s interesting to play a role that is not just crazy.” ★ “007/Casino Royal” (2006) CASINO ROYALE MADS MIKKELSEN Daniel Craig, the first work “007/Casino Royal” (2006), played a villain in the first work “007/Casino Royal” (2006), and at a stretch Has been well -known. Le Saffle, an accountant of a criminal organization, has a wound on his left eye and sheds blood due to lacrimal gland abnormality. With a dramatic image of a red tear that strikes a man’s cheeks who do not show emotions like Noh, he strongly impressed him. In fact, Mats has acquired this role without audition. Before the appearance was decided, I appeared in another work in Prague, and I couldn’t participate no matter how many times I was called in the audition. You can go home. ” It took too much time to select a bond girl, so it seemed that Mats was almost decided in Mats, and it seemed to pass without formal auditions. Nevertheless, he had never seen any of the “007” series before shooting, and when he participated in the London Premier, he saw the crowds and media gathered, and noticed the significance of things. That’s it. In this work, Bond and Saffle play a thrilling psychological warfare by pokering at a casino, but one of the highlights is one of the highlights, but the intense impression of that is the scene where the shuffle tortures Bond. 。 He ties a naked bond to a chair and keeps hitting with a rope. The ruthless and sadistic mystery must have led to the later Hannibal Lector. The highlight of the conversation with Bond, who never tries to break his mouth is also a highlight. ★ “False Person” (2012) THE HUNT MADS MIKKELSEN, Denmark’s master of Denmark and other Denmark master Thomas Vinter Bear, won the best actor at the Cannes International Film Festival. (2012) is a must -see work that shines with Matsu’s acting skills, which are addicted to Ichii, not the villain. The stage is Komura in Denmark near Christmas. In a small community like an acquaintance, he plays a kindergarten teacher who is driven into a distress by the story of a best friend’s daughter who had been dating in his family. From a word that a little girl spoke on a whim, the protagonist who was put on the stigma of a pervert, no matter how much innocence he complained, he was lost in work, and was cornered in the village and was cornered. Lucas, played by Mats, is a very real character as a normal middle -aged man who works sincerely and is not too straightforward. He remove all his out -of -the -year flavors when he plays a strong villain, and has been charming to fascinate five -year -olds. Muts said from a younger coach Vinter Bear to read the script, and read it immediately. He was convinced of each statement and liked the content that he couldn’t easily decide who was bad. “There are no bad guys. It’s a great love, that love creates fear, and it eventually causes hatred. This is what this work really draws.” The protagonist who is isolated by justice from the belief of the belief continues to appeal to innocence. When the heavy drama shows a faint light at the end, it looks back again. This work, which brushed out the horror of group psychology, has also been a candidate for the Academy Award for Foreign Language Film Award. By the way, Muts also starred in Vinter Bear’s latest work, Another Round. ★ Coco CHANEL IGOR STRAVINSKY MADS MIKKELSEN AS IGOR STRAVINSKY Igor Stravinsky, a composer known for the “Spring Festival” and “Fire Bird” “Chanel & Stravinsky” (2009) depicting the summer of 1920 when staying in a suburban villa. Muts played Stravinsky, who left his homeland in France for the outbreak of the Russian Revolution. In 1913, it was hardly revealed what Chanel and Stravinsky, who met in Paris, where the Ballet performance of the Spring Festival was held, was actually a relationship. But in the movie, Chanel (Ana Mgrus), who had just died of her beloved Arthur Capel in an accident, fell in love with Stravinsky. Through music and fashion, each art, they face themselves and fall in love with each other. At that time, Chanel was working on the immortal fragrance “No.5”, and Stravinsky was working on the “Spring Festival”. Mats says the story of a talented person is different from the teenager love story. “They are adults, and they are attractive to each other in different forms. There is a drama there. However, he grabbed his humanity through a number of masterpieces of Stravinsky. He delicately played the duality of composers who were passionate about their love with a woman with strong will, with high pride, but easily damaged. Director Yang Kunen specializes in actions and science fiction works such as “Doberman” (1997), but he has been paying attention to the unusual 룰렛돌리기 genre since his debut “Pusher” (1996). It is said that Mats has been decided. At the time of production, CHANEL and Karl Lagerfeld will fully cooperate to access the apartments in Coco Chanel and brands on the Cambon Street in Paris, and do not overlook the luxurious visuals. ★ “After Wedding” (2006) After the The Wedding Sidse BabetT Knudsen Mads Mikkelsen 79th Academy Awards Nominated for the Foreign Film Award. Muts, who also appeared in Via’s Happy Soleness (2002), played in India, who supports orphans in India. He was strictly operated and was facing a crisis just before bankruptcy, and his hometown of Danish wealthy wealthy won a huge donation. Returning to his visit, it turns out that his wealthy wife is his former lover. The worries of her ex -girlfriend who met her for the first time in 20 years with the speculation of a man approaching her dying, and her daughter who may be her father and attended her wedding. I’m playing. Despite the Danish accent, she uses fluent English, but his native language performance still has a much different degree of freedom. He conveys a subtle nuance and is as if he’s not performing. At that time, she revealed that she had a culture shock in India for the first time in shooting. I witnessed the poor people’s lives and said, “I was sorry that we were there. Shooting in India was like borrowing something we didn’t want to return.” It’s sensitive and frank. In addition, this work has just been remade as “Invitation to the Secret” starring Julian Moore and Michel Williams, reverse the gender settings. Michel Williams plays Isabel, a character that hits Jacob.